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The Architectural Design Consultancy, headed by Mark Webster, is a complete architectural service specialising in plans and drawings for listed buildings, eco houses, cottages, conversions, extensions, new build and building conservation. The consultancy (ADC) mostly operates in Monmouthshire, the Wye Valley, Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, although work has been undertaken further afield including Burgundy in France.

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The Architectural Design Consultancy provides a complete
architectural service...

All kinds of new build work

For examples of previous work and details of the buildings shown above, click here.

We produce plans and design individual features for a broad range of buildings.

Unique design solutions are often developed to answer challenging circumstances.

house with detail of unique chimney

For details of the house shown above, and others, see examples.

We will
facilitate the planning process and support you through all stages of the planning procedure. ADC has many years of experience discussing planning requirements, preparing drawings, and meeting local council planning guidelines and restrictions.

cider house and kitchen interior

For details of the buildings shown above, and others, see examples.

We provide an architectural research capacity and advise on architectural styles and techniques.

We will also provide advice on cost effective building project management (looking after your money!). We work with a number of specialists and advise on which builders to use, where to obtain specialist materials and services, and can mediate between clients and builder should problems occur.

A finished house with foliage taking over

Past clients have included private individuals, businesses, conservation groups, community project leaders, local councils.  ADC has worked within the guidelines set by CADW and English Heritage. See examples of previous work.

Please note, details of the properties featured in photographs on this site will only be released with the current owner’s permission.

... and now?

Having looked at this site, if you would like to contact us for an informal chat, please do so. The first meeting (usually a site visit) is always free. Please feel welcome to contact us on01544 327827 or email Mark Webster on

Office address:  Mark Webster, ADC, Little Upcott, Almeley Road, Eardisley, Herefordshire, HR3 6PR

sketch of house


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